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Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC)

Powers and Duties

  1. To keep under review, for advice to the University Research Committee, research ethics matters involving the participation of human subjects in research protocols.
  2. To consider individual research protocols submitted to the Committee and where appropriate, to certify that ethical requirements have been fulfilled; and
  3. To monitor and evaluate the progress of approved projects to ensure that ethical requirements are being met.
  4. To submit an annual report to the Academic Board with recommendations for future development.

Frequency of Meetings                

The committee will normally meet once annually.


  1. Chairman
  2. One member each from the Departments, who preferably are experienced in conducting research involving human subjects; and
  3. Such other members with specialist expertise who may be from outside or within the University to be co-opted for meetings as necessary.

Members will serve for a term of two years and will be eligible for re-appointment. A member shall not serve when his/her own research proposal is being considered.

Research protocols submitted to the Committee will be considered at meetings. Projects involving no more than minimal risk may however be considered by the Chairman (or another experienced member of the Committee as recommended by the Chairman) under “expedited review”.





A senior member of the University with experience and/or legal knowledge of research ethics and no conflict of interest

Professor Selina CHAN, Associate Academic Vice President (University Research)


Internal Members

  1. Six staff representing the departments where human research is commonly carried out and/or who are actively involved in research and preferably at Assistant Professor grade or above




  • Prof. LEE Chiu Chun, Dept of History
  • Dr. Raymond CHUI, Dept of Social Work
  • Dr. HUI Yew Foong, Dept of Sociology
  • Prof. Louis Leung, Dept of Journalism
  • Dr. Mark NG, Dept of Business Administration
  • Prof. Calvin YU, Dept of Counselling & Psychology


External Advisors

Two senior academics from local universities who are active members of the human research ethics committee in their own institution

  • Prof. John Bacon-Shone, HKU
  • Prof. Gina LAI, HKBU


A member of Registry

Mr. Jeff Chan

Documents for HREC

For HREC related document such as the application form or guidelines, please go to (restricted to HKSYU staff access only).