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Message from Academic Vice President and Associate Academic Vice President (University Research)

Message from Academic Vice President

(Professor Catherine SUN Tien-lun) 

As Academic Vice-President of a teaching-led and research-informed university, Professor Catherine Sun believes that Hong Kong Shue Yan University should have a solid research foundation.  Excellent academic research always creates a good foundation for high-quality teaching by bringing cutting-edge knowledge into the classroom. 

Professor Sun believes that it is the University’s social responsibility to nurture the next generation of academics and students through research.  In the University’s research-enriched environment, faculty members are able to conduct challenging research to develop their expertise and advance their academic careers.  In today’s information era, it is equally important to nurture a research mindset and critical-thinking skills in students, as this equips the younger generation with the ability to differentiate information from misinformation and information from knowledge. 

In the coming years, the University will raise its publication requirements and encourage the production of more high-quality publications.  To support faculty members in achieving this target, a Research and Amenities Complex will be opened in 2017.  More research space and better infrastructure and equipment will be provided with the support of two Institutional Development Scheme (IDS) grants (amounting to more than HK$12 million) from the Research Grants Committee (RGC).  These grants will be used to establish two research centres to support and enhance the research of faculty members.  Internationally reputed scholars have also been invited to deliver workshops and seminars at the University and to brainstorm new research ideas with colleagues at SYU. 

With grants received from the Inter-institutional development Scheme (IIDS) under the RGC, workshops will be organised to bring like-minded junior and senior researchers together to pursue knowledge, collaborate and keep abreast of research developments.  Many faculty members have already received research grants from the RGC’s Faculty Development Scheme (FDS) to hire research assistants and secure teaching relief.  Professor Sun looks forward to the emergence of an even more vibrant and productive research environment at SYU, with more and more colleagues engaging in diverse, exciting and challenging research projects facilitated by financial support from the RGC and other sources.

Message from Associate Academic Vice President (University Research)

(Professor CHAN Ching, Selina)

Nurturing Research at SYU

From 2006 to 2011, the University’s efforts were directed towards achieving the objective of becoming a teaching-led, research-informed institution.  Since 2011, the University has moved a step further towards becoming a teaching-led, research-active institution.  The University pursues excellence in research by encouraging and helping colleagues to actively engage in innovative research.  Some colleagues conduct pure research with the primary aims of exploring, explaining, expanding and developing knowledge, as well as enriching our understanding of the world.  Others seek to extract real-world value from applied research.  This applied research often involves knowledge transfer to external parties, which contributes to society’s well-being as well as to economic and social development.

University’s Social Responsibility: Advancing Research to Build a Better World

As a liberal-arts university, SYU’s social responsibility is to promote multifaceted and innovative research and hence contribute to a better world.  In particular, we cherish the opportunity to act in partnership with local communities, industries, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and the government to generate, disseminate and apply knowledge. Interdisciplinary collaboration is encouraged and innovative knowledge production is applauded.  To maximise the influence of our research activities, every effort is made to facilitate knowledge transfer from the university community to the public sector and relevant sectors of industry.

SYU’s goal is to build a better world by promoting research that improves best practice in industry, public-sector and government settings, empowers local communities and marginalised groups and enhances individuals’ quality of life.  To meet today’s national and global challenges, the University encourages open and constructive dialogue between academics from various disciplines and between SYU academics and representatives of the local community, industry and the public sector.  The aim is to facilitate the design and implementation of innovative interdisciplinary research, as this is expected  to aid knowledge transfer and enhance the University’s competitiveness.  We also consider it the University’s social responsibility to use faculty members’ research findings to improve professional practice and public policies, as well as to support cultural pluralism and sustainable development.