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Research Office

HKSYU seeks to enhance its reputation as a leading teaching-led research-active liberal arts tertiary institution so as to produce well-rounded graduates with abilities to think critically, apply their specialist knowledge and be creative in their chosen field of employment.

The University’s research policy aims at enhancing its research culture by:

  • encouraging academic staff to undertake more research for informing and invigorating their teaching;
  • strengthening its capabilities in both basic and applied research that is socially relevant and, where appropriate, collaborative.

The University believes that research enhances the quality of undergraduate education, and leads to the creation of opportunities for students to pursue research postgraduate degrees. It recognizes that it must be fully accountable for the effective management of the public and private resources it deploys towards its research aims, and welcomes the opportunity to act in partnership with the wider community to generate, disseminate and apply knowledge.

The Research Office (RO) provides administrative support to enhance research endeavours at the University and to effectively implement the strategies and policies established by the University Research Committee.

The RO provides services and administrative support which include the following:

  1. coordinating submissions for research funding support;
  2. acting as the University’s interface in negotiating with research funding bodies on the terms of grants and on post award operational processes;
  3. communicating the expectations and requirements of the RGC to staff members;
  4. conveying requests from Principal Investigators (PIs) for variations to the terms of grants; and
  5. apprising staff members of any research support programmes to maintain their research vitality and enhance the competitive edge of their research initiatives so that they are in a better position to secure external grants.

As external and internal funding schemes have different application requirements and processes, staff members who are interested to learn more about funding opportunities should visit this page frequently for updates.