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University Research Committee (URC)

University Research Committee (URC)

Terms of Reference

  1. To review research policies and to improve the quality, impact, and quantity of research activity, as well as monitor implementation and evaluate outcomes.
  2. To participate as required in the final pre-submission review of applications for external research funding and to give constructive comments.
  3. To submit an annual report to the Academic Board on the development of research in the University.
  4. To identify and develop University strategic research themes and plans.
  5. To advise on research infrastructure needs and priorities for the University.


Committee Member 

Title of Position

Dr. LI Alex Wang-on
  • Associate Academic Vice President (University Research)
  • Associate Professor, Department of Counselling and Psychology

(Professorial staff with experiences of successful applications for external research funding appointed by the Academic Board)

Prof. HU Yao-su 

  • Provost
  • Honorary Director, Contemporary China Research Centre

Prof. SUN Catherine Tien-lun

  • Senior Vice President
  • Professor, Department of Counselling and Psychology
  • Co-Director, Counselling and Research Centre
Prof. CHAN Selina Ching
  • Academic Vice President
  • Professor, Department of Sociology
Prof. CHOW Esther Oi-wah Professor, Department of Social Work
Prof. HE Qiliang

Professor, Department of History

Prof. HUI Yew-foong
  • Associate Academic Vice President (Accreditation and Programme Development)
  • Professor, Department of Sociology
  • Associate Director, Contemporary China Research Center
Prof. TANG Catherine So-kum
  • Vice President (Graduate School)
  • Distinguished Professor, Department of Counselling and Psychology
  • Director, Wan Chow Yuk Fan Centre for Interdisciplinary Evidence-based Practice and Research (CIEBPR)
Prof. YANG Robin Ruowei Head and Professor, Department of Chinese Language and Literature


Research Office's Representative