Invitation for Tender for Provision of Developing an Online Gamified Social Emotional Learning Platform, Tender Addendum No. 4

Addendum No. 4

Tender Ref.: UL/RT/2024/001

Provision of Developing an Online Gamified Social Emotional Learning Platform


Frequently Asked Questions


Q1: Game Module Importance and Customization Options

  • We would like to inquire about the importance of the game module on the platform and discuss the associated costs further.
  • Additionally, we would like to inquire whether the six games mentioned require customized templates for future content modifications within the CMS or if they are standalone interactive games.
  • Could you please provide more details or examples regarding the functionality mentioned, such as the ability to modify, add, or change games in the future?

A1: The game module is a key component of the platform. These games are supposed to be standalone interactive games that are integrated into the online platform.


Q2: Expected Game Design

  • Could you please provide an overview of the expected game design? Will it be in the form of quizzes, adventure quests, point-based progressions, or another format?

A2: The six games will be designed based on the social-emotional learning curriculum. Each game will focus on a core skill in social-emotional learning, such as understanding different types of emotions, expressing emotions, regulating emotions, and responsible decision-making. The vendor will design characters and storyline, and game elements that can achieve the learning objectives. Each game will last approximately 10 minutes.


Q3: Knowledge Hub Content and Emotional Learning Scope

  • What types of content will be featured in the Knowledge Hub? Will it include text, videos, or other formats?
  • Regarding emotional learning, could you please detail the scope? We would like to understand the range of the emotional skills that will be covered, especially for middle primary school students.

A3: The knowledge hub will include information about social emotional learning and it should be able to host content formats such as text, videos, links and downloadable documents.


Q4: Single Sign-On (SSO) Format

  • What format of SSO will be used? Is it Azure SSO or another type of SSO?

A4: The format of SSO will depend on the email/e-class systems of the participating schools.


Q5: Secure Video Communication System

  • Apart from consultations between users and counsellors, are there any other usage scenarios, such as counsellor-to-counselor, student-to-student, or teacher-to-student interactions?
  • Will there be an option to download and save video conference recordings? Is there a need for conference permission management, such as muting options?
  • What will be the approximate duration of video conferences, and how many participants can be accommodated in each session?

A5: The video communication system will mainly be used for online counselling. Occupationally it will be used for hosting online workshops.


Q6: Can parent accounts view some progress information of student accounts? Are the accounts related to each other? Or are they just a type of "public" account? Is registration required to log in and view online consultations?

A6: Parents are not supposed to view process of students account. Registration is required to log in and utilize online consultation.